About Us

Automate Your Pipeline

MerchantLink helps Acquiring Banks and PSPs to fully automate their merchant sign-up process:

  1. Create your MerchantLink form,
  2. Implement it on your website,
  3. Gather all necessary information centrally (including KYC data).

Conduct due diligence checks inside the MerchantLink application with Web Shield’s powerful InvestiGate underwriting platform to build your portfolio quickly and sustainably.

Form Configuration

Adapt your on-boarding form to fit your organisation’s internal policies, risk appetite and brand.

KYC Check

Let the merchant conduct all necessary Know Your Customer checks online.

Document Upload

Collect all required corporate documents at sign-up directly from the merchant.

CRM Integration

MerchantLink offers a native integration with Salesforce. We offer technical support to ensure compatibility with any other CRM.

Build Your Own Process

Make life easier for you and your merchant: The MerchantLink form guides prospects through all steps of the due diligence process and gives you the data you need for quick and secure on-boarding.


Let merchants sign their contract electronically and manage the process from your dashboard.


Be ready for everything on the global market thanks to multi-language support.

Instant Underwriting

Send merchant data directly to Web Shield’s InvestiGate underwriting platform.

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