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Keep Your Portfolio Healthy

On-boarding merchants is one thing, but how can you be sure they will stay compliant? PULSE is built to address this problem.

It delivers persistent monitoring in modular design - for effective surveillance, tailored to your needs.

PULSE Features

The Internet Landscape is Capricious

Product portfolios are replaced from one day to another and content changes in unpredictable ways. Critical changes happen fast – you have to be vigilant.

PULSE is built on over five years of experience with website monitoring. It represents our efforts to make monitoring both more comprehensive and easier to handle.

Comply with Card Scheme Regulations

To safeguard the integrity of the pay­ment system, the major credit card associations maintain a constantly updated set of rules with which their members have to comply, or incur severe penalties. Knowing these regulations and organ­ising your on-boarding, underwriting and monitoring processes accordingly, is essential.

Web Shield is an official member of Mastercard's Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP) program. Using our solutions qualifies Mastercard principal members for BRAM and Trans­action Laundering Safe Harbor. This means that they can expect mitigation in case of any non-compliance issue.

Although Visa does not currently offer a robust Safe Harbor program, all of our solutions take their Global Brand Protection Standards into account in their risk assessment methodology.

The Best of Automation and Human Expertise

There is a problem with most web crawlers out there: automated, keyword-based engines may make surveilling the vast number of websites in a portfolio feasible, but they still require investigators to sift through a huge pile of junk data.

In the worst cases, this disproportionate workload can paralyse departments and severely impact their ability to spot real problems. Purely automated solutions suffer from another predicament: They oftentimes deliver a suspiciously low number of hits and can leave you feeling safe, while real risks remain unaddressed.

For this reason, PULSE does rely on automation AND human expertise. You can be sure that every notification signals a relevant change or problem.

Build Risk-Based
Monitoring Regimes

With PULSE as with InvestiGate, you can adapt the investigative depth by choosing only the modules you need.

This may depend on your own internal policies or the individual risk profile of the merchant in question,

Discover The Modules

All Your Risk Intelligence in One Place

PULSE provides a single interface to monitor all the websites in your portfolio. This gives you an ideal overview of your portfolio risk.

Additionally, PULSE is easily accessible via the corresponding InvestiGate case file - for compliance throughout the merchant life cycle.

Automatically Generate
the Reports You Need

Using PULSE, you can comment on and clear every single entry you make. Your work will be reflected in an overview report that is customisable to show exactly the categories and time frame you require.

This can come in handy for internal reporting and is especially helpful in exceptional circumstances like non-compliance investigation by the credit card associations.

Choose the Modules You Need

Every website is unique.
PULSE modules enable a risk-based approach to monitoring.

Content Violations

Find content violations according to credit card association rules.

Reputation Scan

Review new customer complaints, criminal charges, fraud warnings and negative news.

Website Compliance

Keep up with changes on an entity's website like the name, address or website status.

Transaction Laundering

Identify unknown websites in need of registration or prone to transaction laundering.

MCC Detect

Automatically identify a website's Merchant Category Code.

Deceptive Traffic Detection

Check website traffic for deceptive marketing practices.

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