Out-of-the-box chargeback management

A card-agnostic solution for payment processors. Manage chargebacks in one convenient place, regardless of card brand.
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A dispute resolution process without restriction

The disputer resolution process for payments has long been a complex, manual, and time-consuming process. Web Shield's Chargeback Portal is a card scheme agnostic tool for payment processors that enables businesses to work on any chargeback, no matter the card brand.
Dramatically reduce fraud and chargeback costs and time with one unified solution.
Web Shield's Chargeback Portal helps you handle the transition with ease.
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Free of charge

For payment processors, implementing and using our Portal is free of charge with an Ethoca reseller contract.

Resolve disputes, quicker

Our Chargeback Portal enables your merchants to directly respond to chargebacks before they are processed, saving you time and effort.

Import your merchants

A merchant list with corresponding billing descriptors is all you need to get started. For Web Shield clients, we handle the import.

Use your brand

Modify our platform to fit your brand identity: Include your logo and colours to maintain the same look and feel as your other products.

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Can I give my merchants access to the Chargeback Portal?

Yes! Our white-labelled Chargeback Portal is built with the merchant in mind. You can easily manage user rights for all your merchant representatives and give them access to the information they need.

Does Web Shield have a relationship with Mastercard?

Web Shield maintains a close partnership with Ethoca to bring you the best possible solution. We are a long-time Mastercard Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP) and an official Mastercard Collaborative Service Provider.

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